Toronto, immigration and the Vancouver tech scene

Written by Trevor Melanson on July 19th, 2013

I’ve been writing a lot about these three things this past year (although not exclusively). I figured it would be useful to gather most of them in one spot. And, let’s be honest, I don’t use this blog for anything better.


The End of Gridlock (feature)
VIDEO: The high cost of gridlock in Canada
There’s another way to fight Toronto’s gridlock
So, is Toronto really bigger than Chicago? It’s complicated
Toronto falling from grace? Yeah, right. Canada’s No. 1 city is soaring
Everybody hates Toronto? No more than New York or London
Canada looks good in new city ranking, bad in another
What Toronto’s skyline will look like in 2020
TIFF’s $200-million case for arts funding


Let in 100,000 more immigrants per year–starting right now (part of a package)
David Suzuki’s immigration stance isn’t xenophobic, but here’s why it’s wrong
Infographic: Who will benefit from Canada’s new immigration rules?
Why Canada could see a boom in immigration—from the U.S.
Canada’s new startup visa: time to cash in on America’s folly
South Korea is headed for big trouble

Vancouver tech scene

Is HootSuite Canada’s next billion-dollar tech titan?
You’ll meet your next date using a smartphone (part of a package)
Smartphones make online dating messages too dirty: PlentyofFish CEO
Major Canadian e-tailer opens first physical store—but sales aren’t the reason


Awards season

Written by Trevor Melanson on May 5th, 2012

In my books, a nomination is a win in itself. I mean, a lesser win, sure, but still a win. So I’m very happy that I can say this year I’ve been nominated for two National Magazine Awards for work I’ve done with Canadian Business. You can see the full list of nominees here. I’m up for Best New Visual Creator for various interactives, and Best Multimedia Feature for How Laser Fusion Works. Winners will be announced June 7. Also, the group I worked with at Western to create “A Good Death”, a package that ran on, was nominated for the CAJ/CNW Student Award of Excellence. We didn’t win, but like I said before: a nomination certainly still counts as something.

Update: Found out last night that “A Good Death” earned my group the Ontario Newspaper Awards’ Student Journalist of the Year award.

Update 2: Didn’t win the NMAs, but they still count as honourable mentions!


A few quick updates

Written by Trevor Melanson on September 16th, 2011

I added a story I wrote for PROFIT magazine and updated the site with an Interactives page. I’ve been doing a lot of Flash and graphical work over at Canadian Business, and linked on the Interactives pages you’ll find a small sampling of it. Expect updates in the future.


My first big interactive

Written by Trevor Melanson on May 23rd, 2011

Well, this was a lot of work. Ahead of time, it was rather difficult estimate the time commitment. It took a little over a week. The first half was all researching and writing; the last was developing the Flash timeline, and making it look good. I like to think that, in the long run, polish pays off. Now the next one won’t take nearly as long.



Canadian Business, Toronto, etc.

Written by Trevor Melanson on April 24th, 2011

Too much for one blog post. I’m in Toronto again, this time for good. I’m now an online editor at Canadian Business magazine, and I couldn’t be happier. You know it’s a good working environment when your boss surprise-lends you an air mattress (mine was leaking, which meant I was waking up on the hardwood floor). I need a bed. But first things first: a place to live.

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